Hiking and excursions in the valleys


For anyone who loves walking and mountain trekking, Saluzzo thanks to its proximity to Monviso and to the valleys can be the perfect starting point for a holiday of discovery of beautiful landscapes.

At few kilometers away you can walk on the many paths of the Park of Monviso, retracing the ancient salt road and cross the hole of Monviso, or discover the spring of the river Po.

For the less trained, we recommend hiking through the Po Valley to the Lakes Fiorenza and Chiaretto, for those who are an experienced hiker, we recommend some more challenging routes, such as the paths to reach Giacoletti and Quintino Sella shelters .

In Valle Maira you can stroll along the world-famous hiking circuit of the Occitan Trails, , in Val Varaita you can instead engage yourself in the Tour of Monviso, one of the most beautiful and popular hiking path in the western valleys.

Moreover, if you love the flora and fauna the excursions in the valleys will only reserve you pleasant surprises, in the high mountains, nature is still uncontaminated and in fact it is not uncommon to observe marmots, chamois, ibex a short distance.

For those who want to go trekking without leaving the city, Saluzzo offers beautiful hilly routes suitable for those who love the urban trekking and fit-walking.

In this regard the San Giovanni, being at the top of Saluzzo, It is the ideal base to discover the hill of Saluzzo, its paths and its picturesque views.