Saluzzo and its surroundings,it


San Giovanni Resort is located in the heart of the high part of Saluzzo, consisting of a medieval and Renaissance village, where you can find the adjacent Church of San Giovanni of 1300 (at 20 mt), the castle of Castiglia (at 300 mt) and aristocratic buildings of the fifteenth century, such as Casa Cavassa (100 mt), now city museum, the Old Town Hall (at 200 mt) dominated by the civic Tower, and many others architectural treasures that defined the ancient Marquis capital as "the Siena of Piedmont".

To enhance and make this town even more attractive, the high part of the city has been transformed into a pedestrian area, to confirm that here the time has stopped. But the beauty of high Saluzzo is not just architectural and historical, because for its dominant position it gives a spectacular view of the Western Alps where stands the imposing Monviso, the "Stone King", from the slopes of which flows the river Po, which draws a green and fertile plain. The view of this amazing alpine area is one of the best shows in the world,it, that very few places like Piedmont are able to provide.


Saluzzo: the ideal location to visit the Piedmont

Saluzzo is ...

About 40 km from the famous hills of the Langhe, where are cultivated the precious grapes that are transformed into famous and fine wines such as Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, Arneis, Moscato, just to name a few of them

Just km 20 from the Royal Castle and Park of Racconigi, belonging to the Savoy Residences and defined by UNESCO, World Heritage Site

At about 40 minutes from the capital of Piedmont, Turin, one of the most beautiful, elegant and aristocratic city in Italy.

At 30 km from Cuneo capital of Granda Province ...

The Lands of Monviso and the Occitane Valleys

Saluzzo is the lead city and the meeting point of the Lands of Monviso and the Occitane Valleys: a territory of about 80 thousand inhabitants which includes the Grana, Maira, Po, Varaita e Stura valleys and the villages of Verzuolo, Manta, Lagnasco, Scarnafigi, Moretta, Bagnolo and Barge.

It is a unique territory characterized by ancient ties to the Occitan culture and the traditions of the past, which does not forget its origins but it highlights them to create a better future.

Each valley has its hidden treasures and Saluzzo can be the perfect base to discover them all ...


Saluzzo: the perfect base for any sport

Thanks to its strategic location, Saluzzo is the perfect base for anyone who loves nature and outdoors sports.

The activities you can do are endless and we personally recommend to our guests